RFP Request

Sales Process

Once you make a contact with a new or existing client put all contact information and call details in Saleslink. 

If the call is Transactional you can move to Opportunity Creation

For Print only or Tulsa World based digital you might not need to do anymore than close the sale, but for more complex programs that include 3rd party digital tactics you will need to complete a RFP or Request For Proposal.

Links for Sales

CNA / Needs

A CNA  or Customer Needs Analysis is when you will discuss the current and desired state of your client.  Including goals, budget, and current marketing efforts.   Use a CNA form before, during, and after the sale to gleam as much information as you can about the client and their objectives.  

After your CNA you will be able to determine what tactics you need to use to reach the clients goals

Sales Call

This call allows you to glean insight into how to proceed.

  • Transactional calls - Allow you to close business on the spot.
  • Appointment calls - Allow you to setup a future time to perform a CNA

This can be done through 2 different systems SWFT or VISION

  • SWFT - The workflow System for Amplified Digital.  It allows you so request almost any type of proposal you need for the client.  Simply find or create the account and fill out the appropriate forms and attach the CNA and Amplified does the rest. - HeathBright must be included if healthcare
  • VISION - This system is for smaller less complex clients.  The platform allows you to build a very quick proposal yourself in minutes.  Includes Geo-fencing, General Targeted Display, Social Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click setups.  You can also add in other elements to the proposal yourself.


After you complete you proposal review it with you manager to confirm it is the best strategy for your client and then present to your client.

Make sure to have a Credit Application and any Contracts ready to sign

Closed Sale

Once you closed the sale regardless of the outcome you will need to make sure and update the Opportunity in Saleslink with the information. 

Opportunity Creation 

In Saleslink create an Opportunity for you sale and setup it up with the appropriate percentage chance.

For Transactional closes move to Closed Sale

Closed WON

Get all appropriate Credit Apps and Documents signed.  Send all documents and proposals to your CSR or Assistant by email for order processing.

MUST INCLUDE: if not in the proposal

Resource Links

  • Account Number
  • Run Dates
  • Impressions Numbers & Breakdown
  • Target Sections (Local Digital & Print)
  • Production Method (Camera Ready, Inhouse Build)
  • Pickup information for Creative if applicable
  • Total to be billed and/or breakdown if needed
  • URL for digital ads

Art Creation

If you want to use VISION for your creative builds order through that system. If not after your CSR completes order entry an email we arrive with the ad number.  At that time you can start the Art Process

Admin Process

Review the Proposal to determine what systems to work from.

Links for Admin

Incoming Sale

Review all data to ensure you have what you need to compete the order.  If you are missing items reach out to the marketing consultant to collect. Determine if the sale was Transactional or a Full Proposal.  

If there are any Premium Position or Special Sections please place on the appropriate tracker.  This includes Sponsored Content and Eblasts

Review the email to make sure you have all needed information and move to Abooker Entry

Watching Orders

Watching Creative

Adbooker Entry

At this time you will be entering everything into Adbooker.  Depending on type of sales made different process time will apply:

Resource Links

Full Proposal


Locate the RFP that was created and complete the Orders for the RFP.

Not all items in the proposal have to be ordered.  Just what is sold

  1. Fill out all the Orders and Flights
  2. Compete and Order forms not done previously
  3. Update the status to "Send to Billing"
  4. Once Finance Approves the order will move to "Customer Updated"

Move to Adbooker Entry


Locate the RFP that was created

Not all items in the proposal have to be ordered.  Just what is sold

  1. Click Create IO for the appropriate budget
  2. Setup the Opportunity, Flights, and Tracking
  3. Add the Creatives - MC should have already requested art but it can be done at this time.  If Art is Camera Ready or coming from Portal you will have to create a new creative request and upload the art.
  4. Once all items are completed Submit the IO

Move to Adbooker Entry

Transactional Sale

  • Transactional - Enter orders into adbooker and requested
  • SWFT - Search SWFT for orders in "Customer Updated" status and enter the order into adbooker.  Then update status to "Billing Complete"
  • VISION - The approved IO will come to you by email.  Enter the orders into abooker

Confirmation Email

Send an email to the Marketing Consultant with the ad number and period billing breakdown.

In SWFT, VISION, and Townnews issues and questions could arise.  Although the MC will have access to this communication it is your responsibility to manage this process and reach out to the consultant if you can't solve the problems.  You might have to reach out to the client directly to help setup onboarding calls, or simply confirm setup details.

You will also need to keep an eye on your consultants creative process, making sure items are processing through Portal and VISION correctly.  You might also have to work directly with clients to get approvals or make changes.


For any 3rd Party items, Eblasts, Contests, and Sponsored Content you will need to complete a line item on the TRACK SHEET in Google so we can make sure items are being fulfilled properly.

Art Process

A New Creative Request will be done for new builds by VISION or to upload exsiting creatives.  On the request form simply change the Custom Banner Creation to Upload and then the type of item being uploaded.  To run any campaign through VISION a creative request must be completed and added to the IO.


After the Proposal is built you can request art creation at any time.  This will usually be done by the Marketing Consultant, but the Assistants can also request creative services.

Art in Portal

When an item is booked on the Ads Tab in Adbooker it creates a Portal entry.  All print and local .com banners should run though adbooker.  The only exception to this are TAGS sent by advertisers or exported from VISION.

These tags need to be sent to Townnews via email and reference the  advertiser name and ad number or uploaded to the Zendesk Ticket directly.  

Art Completion

The Marketing Consult and Assistant will work together to collect and upload all needed materials for the art creation and manage the approval of art together.  At points the Assistant will need to contact the advertiser directly to keep the process moving.

Links for Art


.COM Banners

Fulfillment Process

IOs created in VISION will pass through the approval process and be fulfilled by the VISION team.  Any questions regarding setup can be emails to  Please make sure to Reference the ID number of the IO.

Any .com related banners, app banners, and local pre-roll will process directly from Adbooker to Townnews.  Questions regarding setup, urls, or art approval through Portal will be go direct to the person booking the ad in Adbooker.

Links for Fulfillment


The Print Items process will not change.  Amanda Watkins, Sarah Reichert, and Danny Severs will continue to manage the layout and addition of all print related Items.


Orders going through SWFT can be watched by Consultants and Assistants as the items are process.  The workflow and communications regarding the orders will be attached to the order itself


This process is customized based on the clients needs.  Work with to help setup the appropriate tracking tools.  SWFT and VISION orders will require placement of GTM code to the clients website.  Assistant will work with the Consultants and ADvertisers to get these place prior to campaign launch if possible.

Local Eblasts

These are done completely inhouse through  Art, Subject Line, and Url will need to be provided

Sponsored Content

These are done completely inhouse through  Images, Content, Title, and  Social Media targets will need to be provided


These have to be completed through Presence FormStack.  Although Amplified works with Vendasta they have different packages.


These have to be completed through FormStack.  They are O&O but do not flow through directly to Corporate.